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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the idea behind Gottalocal?
Have you ever travelled and not fully enjoyed your holiday? Or maybe been a little bored because you were not aware of interesting things to do, or didn’t have anyone to do them with? If so, you’ve no doubt tried to find solutions online, filtering through the never-ending forest of information available, perhaps arriving at a choice between a small number of destinations and attractions with a good online reputation.
And that's a path that is leading more and more travelers to a homogenised, impersonal and often unsatisfactory experience. In reality, the spread of online travel portals and the resulting information overload faced by travelers, is leading to a standardization of travel experiences. What we are looking for today is something more authentic and personalized.
With this in mind, Gottalocal aims to create a new type of experience, still using global online technology but with a local flavour, in line with the principles of a sharing economy and global accessibility
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What is Gottalocal?
Why should I use Gottalocal?
How does Gottalocal work?
Tourism the Gottalocal way
What is Gottalocal’s Privacy Policy?
What are the Terms and Conditons of Service?
What payment methods does Gottalocal accept?
Can I earn money by participating in Gottalocal?


Why should I become Local host?

Gottalocal gives you the opportunity to become member of an international Community of Guests and Local hosts, who wish to contribute to develop and spread a new kind of local assistance to travelers that could encounter their new needs.

If you become Local host, you can:

  • Actively promote your territory.
  • Earn extra money.
  • Meet new people and new cultures.
  • Manage your offer and your availability through the platform.
  • Rely on Gottalocal for a safe booking and payment management.
  • Become member of a Community made of enthusiastic curious resourceful people!
How do I become a Local host?
Is it free to become a Local host?
What attributes do I need to qualify as a Local host?
How can I complete my profile?
How do I develop my offer?
What kind of activities can I propose?
What if the Experience involves additional costs?
Can I also provide accommodation?
Am I bound by my availability as indicated in the calendar?
How much can I earn as a Local host?
How can I decide what price to offer my activity?
Do I have to issue a receipt to my guest?
How and when will I be paid by?
How does the “Immediate booking” work?
How can I manage the Guests’ requests?
What can I do if I get a bad review even if the Experience was as described?
What happens if I’m not reviewed after an experience?
I don’t have much time to devote to the service. Is this is a problem?
How GOTTALOCAL promote the Local hosts’ offer?
How can I manage the Guests’ requests?
What do we expect from our local hosts?


How do Guests register on the GOTTALOCAL portal?

Guests can subscribe to Gottalocal by selecting “Log in” at the top right of the home page.

Do Guests also have to complete a profile?
How can I buy a Local Experience?
What are the additional costs not included in the price of the activity?
Why am I asked to pay for the Experience in advance?
I have paid for the Experience. How can I get a receipt?
How do I know if I can trust a local host?
What should I know about Gottalocal?


Why is the ‘Contact your Local Host’ feature useful and how does it works?

All interactions between Guest and Local host happen through our ‘Contact your Local Host’ feature. It is automatically updated every time that a Guest contacts a Local host. There you can:

  • See and arrange the meeting point and the Experience starting time
  • Chat together in order to solve possible doubts or problems about the Experience features
  • Define each single Activity that made up the Experience
  • Control the Experience details
  • Help the Guest to book the experience on Gottalocal
  • Make a customised proposal to the Guest
What to do at the end of the Experience?
How is payment made for the GOTTALOCAL experience?
How much of each Experience payment is retained by Gottalocal?
The ‘Local Host’s Lifestyle Bars’: what are they and why are they important?
And if either party fails to appear at the meeting?
Is it possible to cancel a booking?
What are the parameters for reviews?
Who can leave reviews for a Local host?
What are your responsibilities to the Guests?